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winterbook, 2003

This series was created during a time in my life when I experienced the deaths of several members of my immediate family in quick succession. In two separate situations, two people without sufficient funds to seek better quality health care died due to medical malpractice  as a result of negligence and incompetency at the hands of those supposed to be providing medical treatment for their diseases.

The winterbook is a repurposed family quilt made by one of my loved ones who had recently departed. It was a quilt that had been passed down through the family, and that I had on my bed for the entirety of my high school and college years. It had started to fall apart, but I was keen to hold on to it as a familial artifact. I began to tell the story of my lost loved ones, which in turn helped me process my grief and rage at the system that allowed their deaths to occur. I sourced everything from human hair, teeth, bones, nails to beaded necklaces from lost loved ones, and the plastic gloves that I so often associate with the thought of disease and sterility.

This was one of my earliest embroidered pieces that incorporated beading as well as pen and ink line drawing.














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