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Unruly Bodies: Gender/Norms/Resistance – 29/30 November 2015 (Brussels, Belgium)

I was chosen by Sophia, the Belgian Studies Network, to display my Handmaids series  as part of their Unruly Bodies: Gender/Norms/Resistance convention the 29 and 30 November in Brussels, Belgium.

The goal of the conference was to ” delve into bodies that fall outside of what is considered normal and aims to deconstruct bodily norms, give voice to people whose bodies are unruly, question biases, explore the subversive potential of feminist interventions and map resistances.”

It was an amazing and engaging event that perfectly blended academia with autodidacticism, the arts with the sciences, and the personal with the political.

In addition to showing my artwork, I was also part of the feminist/queer art interventionist dandy collective, The Curettes. Organized by artist, Xavier Gogol, the goal of The Curettes was to offer an ingratiating, hospitable presence to the event.

*all photos courtesy of Arsène Marquis





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