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Here you can find links to my journalistic endeavors, observations and misc. misanthropy, curmudgeonry, etc. etc.

Music Journalism

The Girls Are

Contributing Journalist: live and album reviews, news updates, introducing new artists

Online magazine showcasing the best and brightest women musicians from across the globe: bringing you news, reviews, photography and more since 2009.

January, 2013 – present

Listen Before You Buy/Unrecorded

Contributing Journalist: introducing new artists, album reviews

The latest in independent music news, mp3s, videos, album reviews, full album streams, and more on a daily basis.

March, 2010 – February, 2013

LuxFero (defunct)

Journalist: live and album reviews, editorials

Arts & Culture website based in Paris

English/French bilingual

January, 2009 – February, 2010

Gender/Queer Issues

The New Gay (defunct)

Contributing Journalist

3 March 2011

‘Commentary: If The Wig Fits: Female Drag Queens’


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